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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ride along

I almost forgot...

Tomorrow or that is Today the 30th... I am doing a ride a long with the boy. I am nervous but excited about seeing his world. 

Pray for us. And our safety. Shoot I always pray for his safety.

love you all!

I should sleep now

late night thoughts

what an amazing few days I have had...yet full of craziness. It is hard to think that so much has happened in so little time... not to mention the days ahead

Last day of work (before the holidays) 
Visit with Barrett & Marta by the fireplace
Late night opening of one present with the boy, i just love my ipod touch

Wake up & pack
Get picked up by the boy and head to his family's Christmas
Santa puzzle
Delivering Presents
Christmas meal of this amazing soup: all I can say is goodness in a bowl.
Story telling & laughter
Late night drive to Bako
Laughter & the open freeway & the boy and I

wake up to coffee with my mom to realise
the boy and the dad already gone to see the homies and get the masa
tamale making, & much laughter, much learning, and much making fun of my siblings for not
Christmas (eve (wink)) Dinner
Photo shoot
opening of presents
Wii playing
a truly lovely day

Tamales & eggs
hanging out with my familia
watching Across the universe
more tamales
dinner at tail gators with the McPherson's & Bernal's
Condor hockey game
late night at denny's
Late night watching too long of the series "whale wars" commercial seemed so much better...wasted hours of my life.

Tamales & Eggs
Visiting good friends & their baby boy & playing with blocks
Coffee with good friends
Cal Game in HD
Tahoe Joe's with family
pack...and drive back to SC

sleep off the tiredness
read a good book
Lunch with out of town friends
cleaning & packing some before more sleep

Packing and organizing
driving to the boys for some coffee & bowl of cheerios before his work
Laughing at home with my best friend, in our home of two years
Friends arrive...
we travel to our mentors home
we reunite with more old friends at her house
we travel to Woodstock's pizza and spend 4 hours by the fire as if it where our home
rice crispy treats & hot coco: I'm going to miss our little red cabin in the woods

all this while watching Muppet Christmas: letters to Santa : ) the small lines above do not do justice to the joy I have had in the last few days.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Recap. Part one

It has been far too long since I have typed anything here on my blog. It just seems that I have been rushing between one thing to another. I cannot believe that my last post was November 1st! wow. I have to say I am unsure where even to begin. Maybe I should start with my dash board of post it notes as a time line of events I have yet to blog about. As I look at the list I am aware that there is no way I will actually be able to write about all of them, I suppose yes if I was on my game about typing as they came well I would not be writing this but such is life. Bear with my my friends. 

  1. New Office: yes finally I have my OWN new office! Granted It did not come with a door, as we where still eagerly awaiting the insurance money from the burglary. I have to say the first days in my office felt surreal, I sat and pondered those that served at High Street and honestly felt very unworthy, though knowing my place was secure and even supported by those who once served there.
  2. NEW BABIES: The day of my last post the boy's sister brought a lovely baby girl into the world. We went to the hospital and visited and held the sweet "Baby G". A few days later we drove to visit the boys friend and there new baby girl. All so beautiful and both Baby G & Baby J had Sooo much hair, its the Mexican in them :) 
  3. Bernal Family Reunion: Oh my where does one begin to talk about the chaos, depth, laughter, deep family ties, casino, wheel of fortune, mini golf tourney, karaoke, Don't forget the lyrics family style, so much good food, new family, dancing, & deeper connections with Aunts, uncles, cousins whether they are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or shoot even a 4th Generation relative is that possible?! Overall an amazing time Full of true heritage.
  4. MY COFFEE POT DIED: really I have nothing to say here. Only that this could be the reason I have not been able to write and that reason that my coffee allowance has gone up in my frequented coffee shops. I'm just saying... I love my french press but really it takes too much effort.
  5. Pherf's Birthday and Party: I was sad that I actually was in Arizona while his birthday happened and well I love birthdays, even though I never remember what days they are on. I love them still. So when I returned we had a little celebration : ) I also left the boy with envelopes for each day I was gone sending birthday wishes.
This ends my Part one of my update on life here in Santa Cruz. I promise I will be better at this.

So why am I stopping in the middle of this Blog update, because tonight we will celebrate "YEAH the BOY is OFFICIALLY a DEPUTY SHERIFF!!" He has been now for 3 weeks but as noted in the first paragraph I have been a little behind on the updates : ) Tri tip burritos for all, along with some Rock Band I am sure!! Until Update # 2

Love ya.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rain thunder and dark skies

So on Thursday it started to rain...

So Yesterday it continued to raining. For the most part it has not stopped. 

I know last was Halloween,  but the rain made me happy last night because it meant that all the crazies where NOT out causing trouble for the boy in his patrol car. Although The Boys feeling was different on that, even though he wanted rain because he knows how crazy things get around here and the holidays, I don't think he expected last night: 

Me: "so How did last night go?" the Boy "Man Last night was Boring, we couldn't even find anyone doing anything wrong" ha ha ha! I may have been too happy about this. 
So Today being Saturday its still raining here!
So I ponder does this really mean I have to start wearing shoes???

So, yesterday I wore flip flops and slip on's  I think in protest of winter coming. 

So today maybe I will where shoes. Ehhh I'm going to a movie theater... Who Needs REAL SHOES???

Truly, I love the rain. Here in Santa Cruz I think it rains just enough for you to love it and not hate it. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

update on life: Part 2:The Boy meets Familia

So as we drove home from Don't forget the lyrics, my mom was on the phone with my aunt, and then it rang and again and she was on the phone with my uncle and so on and so on. Knowing my family I didn't think much of it. You see there Saturday night there was a birthday party for like number 28Th great grandchild, and sadly the boy and I had to leave town early, thus missing the birthday party. Yet the word was out: MELINDA WAS BRINGING THE BOY. So those phone calls where about having early dinner with us at the house. Picture the family dinner in fools rush in, yeah but we traded the mariachis for the wii : ) Which led to my crash course on who my family was, names stories and relation to us. Comical to say the least. Lets just say the boy had a few questions.

The Mexican Stats:
1 grandma
2 aunts
2 uncles
3 cousins
5 great grandchildren
My three Mexicans
1 brother in law
Total Mexicans/Relatives in the house = 17 + Pherf & I + 1 visiting Indian = 20 people : )

So he met my FAMILIA! Yeah above is not all of us pictured but alas we never get everyone : ) Those where just the people that where there early to meet the Boy, and visit with me. He said as we left, "I'm glad I got to meet ALL of your family" to which I laughed and said, "ohh that's not all of them" Shoot how did Tad do it? So far, the Boy still loves me and i suppose understands my love of throwing big parties, and loving big groups of people who I love, as well as faces to my family that I love so much. We took a girl photo missing my tia Ysidra, and one of the newest great grandchildren Mia (Barron found his way in the photo in my cousin's arms). 

update on life: part 1

So I realize it has been quite the time since I have updated. So I am going back in time some to talk about the fantastic things that has been my life. 

After the time I spent in the middle of my vacation cleaning up the objects strewn across my old office floor (due to the burglery) it was time to get out of town for a few days. For me I was excited and looking forward to the trip. The Boy I believe was excited... yet in the same breath unsure of what to expect in the days to come. & could you blame him. 

We climbed in the car and off we went to my PARENTS house.  EEK! Yeah Following is a brief recap and some pictures on what happened on our trip.

DAY ONE: The Boy Meets the Friends

(Dinner Party with Friends)
Such a lovely time. Small simple. We arrive 30 minutes late (classic) which we had kept them updated on our travel staus that we would be late since we where arriving late into town. Unknown to us our host thought I said I would be there 2 hours earlier, so that's when everyone arrived ha ha oops. where we thought they where all just waiting 15 minutes or so. We had are really good time. My dear friend toward the end of the night and I quote, "Wow this must really suck that your girlfriend just brang you to a dinner with all of her friends watching you, wow, I'm so sorry" eek. to which we laughed. I suppose its just hard when you live in a town away from your close friends.

We also saw Bryce and Kelly at the market place which led to seeing: Van & Gay (Jeremy's Parents), Kristen C her mom and grandma, & Jeff & Tracy & the kids, to name a few. 
**I took no pictures. Not sure why?***

The  whole weekend honestly hanging out with my family was really good. The boy was able to see us in our element, at our 'finest' , at our goofy time, late at night and in the morning. Shoot even Goliath liked the Boy : ) Probably both of our favorate times. 

DFTL Taping: 
Famous people: Meat Loaf and his daughter, & ooh Wayne Brady touched Pherf.

From the Car ride, to a walk through the studio, to actually watching the show, to dinner after, our time was Seriously fun.

My Brother is the Game Producer for "Don't Forget the Lyrics"
so it felt like we received the celebrity treatment. VIP Passes, free food, & we got to kick people out of there seats wow. I have to be honest I was worried when Meatloaf requested and hour more to practice than time was allotted however After the first 10 minutes or so, his star power was back. The Show was amazing. There was a time I was laughing so hard at him, I felt like something 
was close to me like a high school student in my personal bubble, and Low and behold I turned to my right and a HUGE camera was in my face.
 I am a little worried about what will make it on the show as i turned like a deer in headlights as soon as I saw the camera. eek. I was glad that even though my brother was working, that we where able to spend time with him as well, and I miss him so that made me happy.  Look for us on TV Very soon cuz we are famous.

Friday, September 26, 2008

ODE to my Camera...

Hello friends.

It seems that indeed it has been a long time since my last post. As noted in an old post, "NEW POST<>

& now... I give you: THE POINT OF THIS POST.

Last friday the boy and I where about to be off to watch a plan in San fran. We already had a full day of breakfast with good friends and my favorite friday location (Harbor Cafe), taking a car to the shop, Go Cart racing (which I fear should be another post with much more of a 
story), In&Out, and finally a rushed getting ready to go to the City. 

So as I wandered into the living room... as if all video cameras where on me... The camera which captures so much of my life. hit the floor and died. So there it sit no
w near the dead plants, its in good company.

so today I am buying a new one. TRAGIC.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Grand theft in the midst of Vacation

Seriously What on EARTH are people thinking.

Good news is our Santa Cruz Police Agency's are fantastic...the Boy was leaving his patrol car as it happened. 

So Last night 3 lovely Smart and intelligent people bro
ke into our offices. Breaking and
 destroying Doors, their frames, and so much more. They took computers, printers, petty cash, and our Senior pastors LARGE EAGLE statue??? WHY? Not only did they take things but they opened all Drawers, Cabinets, boxes, and threw them ALL over our office floors. Did I mention they stole One of the Church Suburbans (which was actually where they stored all of our stuff.) with the key carefully locked away...oh wait they broke that open too. 

A Police Officer this morning summed it up best when he stood next to One of our Deacons, and our Financial Secretary as Finger prints, as well as a perfect foot mark on one of the doors they kicked in said, 
"You can steal from Businesses
 You can steal from Offices
 But you can't Mess with God"
                  ~Santa Cruz Police Officer~
I suppose that it is just life where things like this just happen. The great thing is we indeed are getting everything back as the three where arrested last night before they had a chance to separate the loot. We are waiting on the Doors to be repaired, to hear back from the police, and to hear how the Grand Thief Auto & Burglary,
 destruction of property, and Destruction of religious property & vandalism charges go for our new three friends. I am mostly Sad, and Confused as to why? Its not like any of the property was really worth much. in fact they would have made more money if they took the doors instead of breaking them ha ha! But seriously...such is life. 

Sunday, August 31, 2008


This week I am on Vacation...


the end. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spiritual Direction

Reason and Thoughts on Choosing a Spiritual Director... 

This is something that I have thought about since my friend Mitch in YFC started talking about his new spiritual director 4 years ago at a Student Led Ministry team Retreat, I was at in so cal. Since then it has always been something on my mind and I thought to myself off and on through the years, why not?

They seem to many to be something that is strange, but most often foreign. I will have to say that this has been something that I have pushed away as something that is for "other people" and not me. However, as we walk through ministry, (now entering my 6 th year of Full Time Youth Ministry, wow) if we do not take time to invest in our own relationship with Christ, how can we expect that we will continue living healthy personally, as well as having a healthy ministry. We cannot. 

I have over the last year been attending once a month spiritual retreats from Eagles Wings actually led by my pastor and his wife which have indeed brought me life. So much life that I believe it has prompted me to take the next step. Also I am planning on attending a Spiritual Retreat Weekend with Jayne Price, through Mount Hermon...cuz sometimes you need so life breathed into ya. It starts on Halloween and its for the weekend, and I am excited because Jayne is amazing and she has told me wonderful things about it. 
So I write here that I am looking into finding finally a spiritual director. Pray for me and guidance, as well as an openness. If you are in ministry or have been a christian for a while its something that I would encourage. Because I have waited way too long...it would be a shame if you did too. So I sit resting in his presence and taking in all that he has in front of me as gifts & beauty. 

PS. I don't think I am lost spiritually just paying attention to the fact that MY walk is so important that I need to pay attention to it. So please don't call for fear that I am loosing it... just know I value your prayers. Know that I am excited to see What God is beginning to do in me yet once again. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The empty Toilet paper role...

It seems that no matter where I am, the office, the home, the friends' house, the boys' house, or the Coffee House. I always with out fail am the one that finds, "THE EMPTY TOILET PAPER ROLE" What are the odds that I would find these roles in multiple bathrooms across the state? I would say that I have about an 80% chance of walking into a bathroom and finding an EMPTY or Next to Empty Role. It has become a joke among some friends and co workers that they will hear me say, "its my spiritual gift to find empty Toilet paper roles" I have to say as far as spiritual Gifts go, I am really using this to its full glory.
But seriously it made me think, and then laugh and then think again. This is where my thoughts ventured to. 

To often in life there are those of us that just love people. We love so much that it hurts from time to time... with a rush of emotion we pause and realize that we indeed have forgotten again about self. Which in our minds is silly because self and should not need anything. I would say that we even go as far as to say with our relationship with Christ, we to pour into and yet do not pause to be poured into by Him the only one that can give us the energy to love anything. Until that one day or moment where every place we turn feels void on some level. It is the thought of which I say everything is so good right now, why do I run on empty. Why am I with every turn finding the empty toilet paper roll in my life. 

As I spoke with a dear friend, the other day we realized that we, for being a christian as long as we have, that we know what we need to do, however most often we fail to actually do what we need or should do. We know how we should feel about our relationship with Christ, yet we pause and forget the essentials. So here I go...back to the essentials that I know I should be present in. 

Saturday, August 9, 2008

lake trip... and now river rafting : )

Alas its been a busy few weeks I am just trying to stay awake and say hello to as many people as possible. Where has the Summer gone when I have only been once to the beach, and it was really windy, but we laughed and enjoyed it ALL!! Life in a nut shell has not been easy, its been fun but has not been easy.

Have you ever had the weeks where you just need to keep a running tab of what is next because you end up forgetting what you just did with enough time to forget what is next. shoot! That's how I feel. I will say that the beauty of it all is while life is indeed crazy, Pherf (the boy) makes life easy. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he brings me flowers and we hang out with many, many friends both his and mine. Seriously in the midst of the chaos we have had two BBQ's with friends multi: splatt & Kim, Sammy, Cassie, Isaac, & Andrea, & Lunch with Becca & her Boy, Dot & Leslie, Dinner and a movie with Frits & Carrie, lots of Hummus with Monica, Grete, Ginny, Andrea, Moses, & Isaac, went to the Boardwalk with sweet Angie, Gator and Tuesday, hung out at Chris' new place with Alison, ahhh Did I mention that during that time I feed the DC 2008 Staff at my house, & last week my power was out.... Somehow we manage to have full time jobs and I still care for him more with each day. In all this craziness, keeping in mind that I was out of town for one full week with tomorrow at 7:30 am RAFTING with Jr Highers.

Something that I didn't talk about yet is that I just returned from our Houseboat trip 2008 with my High school students. It was amazing and stressful, and such a joy. I am still trying to unpack it all in my head. Its not easy. From my graduated seniors who I had a hard time being around cuz i didn't know how to say goodbye, and the truth is...I miss them already. To laughing at my new freshman who are just trying to figure out what this whole High School thing is about. To the water level dropping by the second and us having to move the houseboats by having 20 guys push the boat while the ladies are in the back jumping in order to dislodge the muck from the boats. I really didn't see the point half the time but new this stress was a necessity, I will not lie I asked God to stop dropping the water level but He had other plans.

So I sit her not packed for my 3 day adventure its 12:30 sitting with a full stomach of Crepe Place delight...I ponder...where has the time gone...and where has my energy come from. I honestly woke up early on the houseboat trip on 3 of the 5 mornings...I know right WHO THE CRAP AM I. But the Point is that I was able to see this what I used to call a myth, of the water being glass on the lake. WOW. I was in awe. Tonight I cling to that image of tranquility and Beauty, and I look forward to the unknown Chaos of a Jr High trip. So Pray for us : )

Saturday, August 2, 2008

title changes.

I have worked at High Street as many things for almost 3 complete years now. Strange How time indeed does fly. I have meant to write this blog for a while but the time as always has slipped away. I started in December of 2005 I left YFC Kern County and came to Santa Cruz to embark on an experience of growth, life, and fun, entering into a youth group, as an, office assistant & youth intern, Then it changed to a Youth Assistant or something. 

However on the 13Th of July I was officially called as a pastor on the High Street community staff. Its strange because this whole process has been an evolving thing, and yet the whole time I have been enjoying every minute, even the hard ones. 

God has really been blessing me with a partner that is like a brother, he challenges me, laughs at me, and is proud of me. We work I think as a pretty dynamic team working. I have fallen in love with santa cruz, the kids, and this one volunteer (but that's a different story). 

Its still kind of surreal to tag officially the word "pastor" on as a title for me but, I think it will grow in me. The biggest fear in general is just the responsibility that that title carries. So I continue to attempt to be grounded in where HE wants me to be. And Pray he will help me "feed my lambs...feed my sheep" John 21

venessa august begins

Finally Venessa has been able to have some internet connection Yeah! 

Time there is still scary but its good, God is Good, Ministry is hard but good. 

She has pictures and beautiful words on her Blog Please CLICK HERE and see through her eyes and her words. 

Friday, July 25, 2008

Update on Venessa

It is hard for Venessa to get to email while she is away in Africa. 

I miss my friend, my roommate, and I find my self constantly in prayer, Constantly concerned for her well being. In fact some times in tears, or lost in emotion with the total unknown of her trip. What she will not tell you is that her journey to Africa is much more challenging and unknown with each day that passed before she left, and even now as she is in Africa. She is a combo if humble and stubborn to ask for help from you all and in fact she may just get pissed for me posting this....Point is I don't care if she gets mad, I doubt she will but I ask that you keep praying my friends for my friend who is there.

So I leave you this note she sent on the 23rd, and I ask that you pray.

"So i finally arrived today. it took ages to get here! it is really weird and the being alone settled in when I go to the hostel and tried to lay down and couldn't sleep. i proceeded to walk around and it just quiet here, and I feel like my day pack has to be on me at all times and im just tired of carrying it. 

So I have some prayer requests its a lot more scarier here than I thought. they keep soldiers outside the hostel and Gracie was able to book me the first night and the rest of the time it is full. camping is an option here... and I went to check it out and lets just say it was a bit freaky, and its first come first serve. i am going to try and do that tomorrow... but a better complicated journey that involves... well my contact to answer her phone otherwise it would be dangerous to take the bus there and leave me in the middle of nowhere. i am going to look into other places to stay... so we will see." Venessa 6:47 am july 24th.
So there it is for now. I'm praying her contact answers there phone as I know the faster she can get to the baby haven, where she will be helping staff, an orphanage for babies dying with aids. Venessa will love, hold, and embrace the kids with that deep love she has for young ones. I know there will be tears, yet blessings. 

Monday, July 21, 2008

vacancy & africa

So what indeed am I thinking about? This last week I spent time in Catalina with good friends and a small crew of family enjoying the surroundings as we meet to celebrate my dear friends dan & annie's wedding (that is wedding number 4 of the summer that I referred to in a past post). Its strange how much people can truly become brothers in your life. Dan is a friend, amigo, roommate, and brother, which makes them family. Annie's brother's toast at the rehearsal dinner was ended with this final great line, "May you love each other as much as your family loves you" and it hit me...such power again in those words as two families begin to merge. Such a bond with family. 

Family is about pissing each other off, sticking up for each other, laughing with one another, giving up your room as they visit, making fun of each other, picking up boyfriends from the air port before they even have meet them, killing spiders for you, speaking on behalf of you, telling you when you are being a mean, loving you because you are who you are, makes tortillas together even if its been 2 years since the last ones, understanding that you are stressed, praying for each other, standing along side they decide to go to Africa for a month, and standing along side you as walk down the isle. These are the things that make family both Blood related, and Life related, truly real family. 
I want to talk about Venessa's humble spirit and her journey to Africa to hold babies...but time is running out. I will post again soon. But know that She should be landing in Africa now. Pray for her safety, her heart, her health, the children and local adults she is working with, and her spiritual and emotional well being. Not only is Venessa in Africa but our blond friend Julia "bruin" is in Kenya (she boarded her plane sunday, Venessa boarded her plane monday) at the same time as venessa is in Namibia.

Friday, July 4, 2008

So my Dad and everyone I know has purchased a Wii

So this last Father's day I drove to Bakersfield to be with my family in a day which we celebrated my sister's birthday and Father's day on a saturday, and inbetween I went to an Indian wedding. (Yes I am talking about fathers' day and I am clearly aware that it has passed, yet since on vacation I didn't truly update this blog with all recent fun things...I figured I would take this holiday to talk about the most recent holiday)
 Two things have become a tradition...one only because I think it will happen next year and the other has just always happened. One We have celebrated the mexican Mothers day which resides on a saturday and created our own (the mexican calender doesn't celebrate fathers eek) Mexican father's day on Saturday. TWO: My Dad buys his OWN Fathers day Gift, Birthday Gift Ect. We buy gifts to go along side it. 

Therefore about a week and a half before Fathers day roles around I get a Txt message from my father saying something to the effect that, "it has begun, he now owns the Wii!" 

So like any good children we bought him Mario Cart.
 We have always loved playing games together, but until the wii came into our lives we have never (other than kids) played interactive video games. ha ha!! Never thought I would say that! But my brother does play Guitar band just as if he was on stage so...its totally natural!! ha ha!

Did I mention my sister Visited??

Yeah that was last weekend, and yeah its already one week later but still it was fun. They where in SF for their anniversary then stopped by on their way home. So it got me thinking, my sister and her husband, with each time they are together I think wow, they are really Sooo good for each other! It was brief but it was good, as they stopped by for lunch and chats. Who would have thought that my sister and I used to fight like we did, I venture to say that in the last years we have gotten along better than ever before. I am grateful for that!

Since the joke with the family is that they, always go to the same restaurants while visiting Santa Cruz, thus every time they come I try to bring them to a place where they have never been before. This is both challenging and fun to find a place that is new and yummy. Actually in SC its pretty easy. This time it was Cole's BBQ by Sunny Cove. More food than
you can handle, not flashy yet clean, and just fantastic when it comes to messy as in all over your face.

This restaurant was a crowd pleaser as we all left full and
happy. Probably too full!! ha ha Venessa's food came last,
poor thing. We waited...ok so we all ate some fries.

Did I mention that my sister has a new blog?? Well she does and Venessa found it by accident. So enjoy. Blogging is taking over the world no matter what Chafer says...its really lovely!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

3 out of 4 Weddings this summer

"Every Human Longs for love. The possibility that God is Love is almost an overwhelming prospect." ~ Erwin McManus - Soul Cravings

Love is indeed a beautiful thing, and marriage is often a public display to celebrate that union and desire to commit two people together who have fallen in love. This last year has indeed been a year where I have been trying to understand what God's true LOVE is for me. I didn't understand it for the most part other than head knowledge, yet being, going, and being a part of weddings provided me a glimpse into that window. Since this journey, going to weddings this year has been a whole different view and enjoyment for me. 

One thing that I have admired in the last few weddings i have attended is that people's recent desire to have their friends and family to commit to walk with them through the journey. So Beautiful. Marriage is an extension of friendship, from what I can tell and ultimately brings beauty to family, and displays on earth Christ love for the church. Which Christ Love for the church in itself is such a long conversation, I will spare you and stay away from that for now other than I agree. wink. 

This Year there have only been a few weddings (and I am blessed to only attend this year, because I have been feeling like the Girl in 27 Dresses, so the relief is all mine) but they have all been thus far unique and true to each couples personalities. We laughed smiled and I enjoyed each moment. My prayer in general is that God will Bless there unions and will allow them all to continue to see HIM more, as they learn really who each other really are. I do not know from experience but only from what people tell me, that the first year of marriage is hard, and as they walk through together it can make or break the marriage. My prayer for these four is that this first year makes it for them!

1. Dave and Meg Lockwood, 
Meg seems to hold her beautiful heart out for all to embrace and love. And Wow Dave is married....hard to believe my dear friend walked down the isle...There is hope for us all Wink! Anyone who will choreograph a dance with Dave is amazing...I only wrote a song ha ha!  
2. Jacob and Jordan Tracy. 
I have always enjoyed this couple. Their carefree spirit for freedom in life and style as they approach all that is before them. With Bluegrass in the background I was blessed by this wedding, to the setting of winery, to the fantastic music selection! I have known them for a while, and have seen their kind hearts as I am now a new closer friend due to their friendship to one of their Groomsman whom I am fond of.
3. Shiba and Samir: She is indeed like another little sister as she is one of my best friends little sister. What a beautiful cultural wedding, the Indian culture is deep in tradition, and surrounded by family. Even though the weather was hotter than hot...it was worth the heat to witness the entrance on the white horse and the 5 plus times we where served Indian food that I had the change to fill my place with Indian (Dot not feather) Cuisine : ) yummy!
4. Gator and Tuesday Meyer STILL TO COME : ) 

We are going to Catalina, and we get to play mini golf tourney!! What more can you ask for! I just love them!

time with friends

I love spending time with friends while I am off : )

Today we went to the park, played in the sand, and had deep talks over coffee while kids napped. All makes happiness!

Last night I enjoyed the college ministry where Roxanne and Chafer are a part of leading. What a beautiful space to worship and invite people into. I was blessed by the different element where people where welcome to worship in freedom. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up my blog, months may & june

Well since I have been really busy in the last two months on this week of vacation I plan on catching up my blog on the past happenings : ) the wallpaper post happened on June 1st. yeah much has happened since...and much has happened in the month before. 


So sit back and bear with me and I'll fill you in on life.  WAIT THERE IS MUCH TO TELL. HA HA nothing but random details, alas fun. Then we will be back to normal life again : ) well that's the plan

wallpaper and cherubs and home improvement

So a few weeks ago we began a project on a house they call Bob. Well honestly I should say I just work on random things while they do all the hard work...lets be honest here.

Priority ONE: Cherubs removed. COMPLETE
Seriously why? Cherubs?? Honestly!? I am constantly in awe of the way people do things. I realize that art and decorations are truly in the eye of the beholder but wow. When I walked into the room it was indeed hard for me to not laugh at the fantastic cherub border and rose wallpaper. So I turned it into a joke, on how Pherf should leave it just as is on his walls, he didn't agree. Lets put it this way, he smiled and said nothing...to kind to tell me I was crazy, maybe that's why I like him. I know there was no way he would think of keeping it, and could anyone blame him?!?!?!

The boy is moving in with his best friend and there are some home improvements that are in need before anyone can move in. So being the nice person I am I helped take wallpaper down!! This was a first for me, on a Saturday but I believe that it can be labeled as a "Friday firsts" because its is still something I have never done before. I actually really enjoyed this.

I suppose wallpaper seems to me to be something that was a quick fix, as we have also just this last week spent time painting, and final coats to finish the room to remove even the thought of Cherubs. The simplicity and the ability to decorate off a base color has so many more opportunity's but wallpaper...seems limited, I mean you can only do so much with Cherubs!!??

My point...and yes I have one. simple is better, it allows more freedom farther along. Wallpaper is stupid, and no one in there right minds should use or create it anymore. As for fixing up a fixer upper: I need to watch more home improvement shows cuz I don't know how to do anything! ha ha! Alas, even with not really knowing, the progress makes me happy and the finished makes me feel accomplished. Truly I love the idea of progress, I love to see things develop. Trust me this house is developing... from the first day when I was sneezing from the cat hair from the renter to now...even though its still in process...I LOVE IT. I know I am crazy, and I am documenting the progress of "bob" Isaac's house will be lovely all around. indeed.
Priority Two: Paint COMPLETE
Priority Three: REMOVE NASTY CARPET, replace with nice comfy CLEAN Stuff: COMPLETE
Priority Four: hot tub. pending
Priority Five: Move the best friends in. pending

Priority: Way to many to list: PENDING

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The summer has begun.

Even though the fires keep raging, we decided to have a bonfire while our dear friend visited. What a time to relax, laugh and enjoy! We all have such busy lives, and much going on, but to pause after a much busy week for all, was a pleasant breath of fresh air. I almost would say its been the most carefree we have all been in a while. 
Its is indeed only the beginning.

Currently I have a week off. Day one equals: fantastic, as I spent most of it thinking that I needed to be somewhere. I was grateful that I was able to ignore phone calls, and even take a nap in the middle of the day. Gasp! I have not done that in a long time I woke up smiled and thought wow, I think I like being on vacation! Not to mention I was able to watch a movie with my dear friends! Kung Fu Panda. ohh my I laughed much, and enjoyed it much, I doubted the goodness of it, however the tall house mate gave me hope, hope that came through, fantastic. 

We have finished VBA, the college kids are returning, and finally the graduations have finished. What more can I ask for. I suppose if I wanted to I would ask the Northern California would stop burning. Actually our friend Isaac received a call during our bonfire, and he is off fighting them...so I am praying. 

As for the next few days of vacation. I plan to catch up on friends, life, and the pile of book that seem so distant to me. I cannot wait.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Bible Adventure

makes me happy

makes me tired...yet sleep is hard for me right now as many thoughts spin in my head.

so much that today i sat in my office and stared at the wall and with out thinking, mind you I was all by myself, said as I sat lacking only the words to sigh and say, "So Tired" 

and that is me so tired...and so much on my mind to makes this thing go smoothly. indeed and undertaking, however an undertaking well worth it.

This year it seems streamlined, yet not perfect. We have around 35 student leader, and 15 to 20 Adult Helpers (One that is my mom.fun.). How Amazing is that! Not only do we have help but we have help that is ready and willing to do what needs to get done. So Even though between Todd and I we much to pay attention to, with a team as great as this we don't have much to complain about.

Blessed but Pray that we get rest and our joy continues, since there seems like we don't have much time to spare or rest. eek 

eye lids falling...I must seize the day and begin sleep!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ode to my Seniors Class of 2008

(L - R) Back Row: Melinda, Colin, Daniel, Sierra, Chris, Timmy, Katherine, Emily, Marz, Ben, Abbi, Ryan. Front Row: Jane, Lyndsie, Lindsey, Trevor, & Todd (my boss). Not Pictured: Sarah &, Shayln

Ohh this class. 

I am lost for words in how lovely they truly are. three years ago I met most of these kiddos. 

They have led me through a gamete of emotions, and they have touched my heart in many ways. I have watched them grow through laughter and tears, and I am not sure who has learned more from who. What I do know is that these students understand what it means to be true friends...even when life is tough. I have watched them journey through trials that most friends don't deal with until they are older. My hopes and prayers go with them in this transitional time. Ekk THEY ARE or HAVE GRADUATED!! T

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Worry I am safe.

Hello friends yes its seems again that the news in your far away cities is report that Santa Cruz is burning Down. However, there is still a fire burning in Bonny Doon CA, which is still very close it is being called the Martin Fire as it started near Martin road. As far as I know the fire is headed south for the most part. My house is East of the Fire, and my work is South East of the Fire. Click on the link above to see the news report from the people that know what they are talking about.

There are many trees and many of my students, as well as people from our church, have been evacuated. Through the tears on through the phone of my student who's home was evacuated  before she even knew about the fire, through tears she said,  "I'm just scared, because I don't know what's going to happen!" And that's the heart of many here. Right now.
 So though I am not worried...there is great Fear in the Bonny Doon to the coast, and the next few days there are graduations all over from UCSC to Santa Cruz High, to Scott's Valley High, to mission hill...point is much is going on and the fires are just in the way. 

This is a picture around 6 ish tonight in the parking lot of my church on high street. Looks cool.

Monday, June 9, 2008

hope Venessa

My long time friend Venessa is fulfilling her life long dream to go to Africa.

Read her Blog...its new

Help fund her trip by looking on her Etsy sight where she is selling BEAUTIFUL clothing and Jewelry. 

When people have dreams to go to places they have never been its one thing. However the thing that I love about Venessa going to Africa is that she going to serve...she is going to serve along side of a girl named Gracie (You should also go look at her Blog: O Africa) I borrowed one of my favorite of the beautiful pictures of the children that are in her orphanage, I would put more words to how amazing it is but I cannot put words to the beauty that it is this opportunity. 

All I can say is pray when you have a chance make a purchase. 

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Two things...

Two things keep me awake tonight. 


At about 2 this afternoon my grandmother was admitted to the Hospital with a blood sugar level that to my knowledge was just a large number. The reality of that large number that until about 10 tonight did I realize that, the large number was actually something that could have been fatal. My boyfriend said to his knowledge he
 didn't think that the number was a good thing, so he got a hold or a friend of ours who is a paramedic, he said that on calls, in all his shifts he has never seen someone with that high of a reading. This of course did not set my heart at ease being so far away...and having too many things on the calender to just jump in my car and be there. Trust me that's all I want to do. Yet I know that while she is in the hospital they are monitoring her and her high blood sugar is dropping. It basically still scares the crap out of me. I wish I had a happy answer but sometimes it just sucks. So I am praying and thinking about how amazing my grandma is (even though I don't speak much Spanish and she doesn't speak much English) how much fun i had the last time my mom brought them to my house in Mount Hermon. How they love drinking coffee and sitting in my house. Lovely image. lovely. 


pictured Left to Right (Alisa, Isaac, Melissa, Me, Manuel, Angela, and Dave. (missing Frankie & Jessie))
Not to mention that recently we have found our long lost cousin who do to age should be in this photo above sitting between me and melissa or between melissa and Isaac not sure. Yes indeed its possible that there is one more Solis out there that we have not been able to claim. We as kids all met him in brief encounters, encounters long enough for us to know, and then he was gone. I believe the last time we saw him was when we where about 5-8 years old. My grandma carries a picture of him in her wallet. My cousins Isaac and Angela found him..and sent him messages of all places on my space. At first he didn't want to talk to them...at first he thought they where lies but can you blame him. We are a tight family, and due to choices of his parents we have only heard from him now 24 years or so later. wow. So If grandma is better he plans on coming to a baby shower to one of my younger cousins...not yet born to be pictured above. Its just crazy and yet another reason why I want to be in my car and to the valley as we speak. humph.

Live Life

walking boldly as though nothing can
hold you