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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

update on life: Part 2:The Boy meets Familia

So as we drove home from Don't forget the lyrics, my mom was on the phone with my aunt, and then it rang and again and she was on the phone with my uncle and so on and so on. Knowing my family I didn't think much of it. You see there Saturday night there was a birthday party for like number 28Th great grandchild, and sadly the boy and I had to leave town early, thus missing the birthday party. Yet the word was out: MELINDA WAS BRINGING THE BOY. So those phone calls where about having early dinner with us at the house. Picture the family dinner in fools rush in, yeah but we traded the mariachis for the wii : ) Which led to my crash course on who my family was, names stories and relation to us. Comical to say the least. Lets just say the boy had a few questions.

The Mexican Stats:
1 grandma
2 aunts
2 uncles
3 cousins
5 great grandchildren
My three Mexicans
1 brother in law
Total Mexicans/Relatives in the house = 17 + Pherf & I + 1 visiting Indian = 20 people : )

So he met my FAMILIA! Yeah above is not all of us pictured but alas we never get everyone : ) Those where just the people that where there early to meet the Boy, and visit with me. He said as we left, "I'm glad I got to meet ALL of your family" to which I laughed and said, "ohh that's not all of them" Shoot how did Tad do it? So far, the Boy still loves me and i suppose understands my love of throwing big parties, and loving big groups of people who I love, as well as faces to my family that I love so much. We took a girl photo missing my tia Ysidra, and one of the newest great grandchildren Mia (Barron found his way in the photo in my cousin's arms). 

update on life: part 1

So I realize it has been quite the time since I have updated. So I am going back in time some to talk about the fantastic things that has been my life. 

After the time I spent in the middle of my vacation cleaning up the objects strewn across my old office floor (due to the burglery) it was time to get out of town for a few days. For me I was excited and looking forward to the trip. The Boy I believe was excited... yet in the same breath unsure of what to expect in the days to come. & could you blame him. 

We climbed in the car and off we went to my PARENTS house.  EEK! Yeah Following is a brief recap and some pictures on what happened on our trip.

DAY ONE: The Boy Meets the Friends

(Dinner Party with Friends)
Such a lovely time. Small simple. We arrive 30 minutes late (classic) which we had kept them updated on our travel staus that we would be late since we where arriving late into town. Unknown to us our host thought I said I would be there 2 hours earlier, so that's when everyone arrived ha ha oops. where we thought they where all just waiting 15 minutes or so. We had are really good time. My dear friend toward the end of the night and I quote, "Wow this must really suck that your girlfriend just brang you to a dinner with all of her friends watching you, wow, I'm so sorry" eek. to which we laughed. I suppose its just hard when you live in a town away from your close friends.

We also saw Bryce and Kelly at the market place which led to seeing: Van & Gay (Jeremy's Parents), Kristen C her mom and grandma, & Jeff & Tracy & the kids, to name a few. 
**I took no pictures. Not sure why?***

The  whole weekend honestly hanging out with my family was really good. The boy was able to see us in our element, at our 'finest' , at our goofy time, late at night and in the morning. Shoot even Goliath liked the Boy : ) Probably both of our favorate times. 

DFTL Taping: 
Famous people: Meat Loaf and his daughter, & ooh Wayne Brady touched Pherf.

From the Car ride, to a walk through the studio, to actually watching the show, to dinner after, our time was Seriously fun.

My Brother is the Game Producer for "Don't Forget the Lyrics"
so it felt like we received the celebrity treatment. VIP Passes, free food, & we got to kick people out of there seats wow. I have to be honest I was worried when Meatloaf requested and hour more to practice than time was allotted however After the first 10 minutes or so, his star power was back. The Show was amazing. There was a time I was laughing so hard at him, I felt like something 
was close to me like a high school student in my personal bubble, and Low and behold I turned to my right and a HUGE camera was in my face.
 I am a little worried about what will make it on the show as i turned like a deer in headlights as soon as I saw the camera. eek. I was glad that even though my brother was working, that we where able to spend time with him as well, and I miss him so that made me happy.  Look for us on TV Very soon cuz we are famous.

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