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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clean sheets

Who knew that planning a wedding amongst the rest of my crazy life would cause me to finally this weekend realize that I couldn't remember when the last time I washed my sheets was. So this weekend I washed my sheets.

 "Why is that significant or worth blogging about." - you say. 

Why because tonight I am climbing into clean sheets (OK so they where cleaned Friday but that's beside the point...) and I can rest easy that I have one thing I checked off my personal list of to do's. So Shoot, THAT'S WORTH CELEBRATING! Do you ever find that in the midst of one more thing in your life... that the practical necessities (like clean sheets) get left by the wayside? 
These last few months of bliss, have indeed been bliss! Yet...I am watching myself, make lists, yes the non list making me, is MAKING LISTS, which has been out of necessity for productivity, as well as keep my sanity. I should have paid more attention to my old housemates list making skills. shoot.

Not to mention, did you know how many list managers are out there for weddings, granted they all make me feel like I am behind in something eek. But really the reality is we are on the ball!! I say we because my WONDERFUL FIANCE, keeps me organised, keeps perspective and still is making me feel beautiful and loved through it all. I am blessed.

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