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Friday, September 26, 2008

ODE to my Camera...

Hello friends.

It seems that indeed it has been a long time since my last post. As noted in an old post, "NEW POST<>

& now... I give you: THE POINT OF THIS POST.

Last friday the boy and I where about to be off to watch a plan in San fran. We already had a full day of breakfast with good friends and my favorite friday location (Harbor Cafe), taking a car to the shop, Go Cart racing (which I fear should be another post with much more of a 
story), In&Out, and finally a rushed getting ready to go to the City. 

So as I wandered into the living room... as if all video cameras where on me... The camera which captures so much of my life. hit the floor and died. So there it sit no
w near the dead plants, its in good company.

so today I am buying a new one. TRAGIC.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Grand theft in the midst of Vacation

Seriously What on EARTH are people thinking.

Good news is our Santa Cruz Police Agency's are fantastic...the Boy was leaving his patrol car as it happened. 

So Last night 3 lovely Smart and intelligent people bro
ke into our offices. Breaking and
 destroying Doors, their frames, and so much more. They took computers, printers, petty cash, and our Senior pastors LARGE EAGLE statue??? WHY? Not only did they take things but they opened all Drawers, Cabinets, boxes, and threw them ALL over our office floors. Did I mention they stole One of the Church Suburbans (which was actually where they stored all of our stuff.) with the key carefully locked away...oh wait they broke that open too. 

A Police Officer this morning summed it up best when he stood next to One of our Deacons, and our Financial Secretary as Finger prints, as well as a perfect foot mark on one of the doors they kicked in said, 
"You can steal from Businesses
 You can steal from Offices
 But you can't Mess with God"
                  ~Santa Cruz Police Officer~
I suppose that it is just life where things like this just happen. The great thing is we indeed are getting everything back as the three where arrested last night before they had a chance to separate the loot. We are waiting on the Doors to be repaired, to hear back from the police, and to hear how the Grand Thief Auto & Burglary,
 destruction of property, and Destruction of religious property & vandalism charges go for our new three friends. I am mostly Sad, and Confused as to why? Its not like any of the property was really worth much. in fact they would have made more money if they took the doors instead of breaking them ha ha! But seriously...such is life. 

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