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Friday, July 25, 2008

Update on Venessa

It is hard for Venessa to get to email while she is away in Africa. 

I miss my friend, my roommate, and I find my self constantly in prayer, Constantly concerned for her well being. In fact some times in tears, or lost in emotion with the total unknown of her trip. What she will not tell you is that her journey to Africa is much more challenging and unknown with each day that passed before she left, and even now as she is in Africa. She is a combo if humble and stubborn to ask for help from you all and in fact she may just get pissed for me posting this....Point is I don't care if she gets mad, I doubt she will but I ask that you keep praying my friends for my friend who is there.

So I leave you this note she sent on the 23rd, and I ask that you pray.

"So i finally arrived today. it took ages to get here! it is really weird and the being alone settled in when I go to the hostel and tried to lay down and couldn't sleep. i proceeded to walk around and it just quiet here, and I feel like my day pack has to be on me at all times and im just tired of carrying it. 

So I have some prayer requests its a lot more scarier here than I thought. they keep soldiers outside the hostel and Gracie was able to book me the first night and the rest of the time it is full. camping is an option here... and I went to check it out and lets just say it was a bit freaky, and its first come first serve. i am going to try and do that tomorrow... but a better complicated journey that involves... well my contact to answer her phone otherwise it would be dangerous to take the bus there and leave me in the middle of nowhere. i am going to look into other places to stay... so we will see." Venessa 6:47 am july 24th.
So there it is for now. I'm praying her contact answers there phone as I know the faster she can get to the baby haven, where she will be helping staff, an orphanage for babies dying with aids. Venessa will love, hold, and embrace the kids with that deep love she has for young ones. I know there will be tears, yet blessings. 

Monday, July 21, 2008

vacancy & africa

So what indeed am I thinking about? This last week I spent time in Catalina with good friends and a small crew of family enjoying the surroundings as we meet to celebrate my dear friends dan & annie's wedding (that is wedding number 4 of the summer that I referred to in a past post). Its strange how much people can truly become brothers in your life. Dan is a friend, amigo, roommate, and brother, which makes them family. Annie's brother's toast at the rehearsal dinner was ended with this final great line, "May you love each other as much as your family loves you" and it hit me...such power again in those words as two families begin to merge. Such a bond with family. 

Family is about pissing each other off, sticking up for each other, laughing with one another, giving up your room as they visit, making fun of each other, picking up boyfriends from the air port before they even have meet them, killing spiders for you, speaking on behalf of you, telling you when you are being a mean, loving you because you are who you are, makes tortillas together even if its been 2 years since the last ones, understanding that you are stressed, praying for each other, standing along side they decide to go to Africa for a month, and standing along side you as walk down the isle. These are the things that make family both Blood related, and Life related, truly real family. 
I want to talk about Venessa's humble spirit and her journey to Africa to hold babies...but time is running out. I will post again soon. But know that She should be landing in Africa now. Pray for her safety, her heart, her health, the children and local adults she is working with, and her spiritual and emotional well being. Not only is Venessa in Africa but our blond friend Julia "bruin" is in Kenya (she boarded her plane sunday, Venessa boarded her plane monday) at the same time as venessa is in Namibia.

Friday, July 4, 2008

So my Dad and everyone I know has purchased a Wii

So this last Father's day I drove to Bakersfield to be with my family in a day which we celebrated my sister's birthday and Father's day on a saturday, and inbetween I went to an Indian wedding. (Yes I am talking about fathers' day and I am clearly aware that it has passed, yet since on vacation I didn't truly update this blog with all recent fun things...I figured I would take this holiday to talk about the most recent holiday)
 Two things have become a tradition...one only because I think it will happen next year and the other has just always happened. One We have celebrated the mexican Mothers day which resides on a saturday and created our own (the mexican calender doesn't celebrate fathers eek) Mexican father's day on Saturday. TWO: My Dad buys his OWN Fathers day Gift, Birthday Gift Ect. We buy gifts to go along side it. 

Therefore about a week and a half before Fathers day roles around I get a Txt message from my father saying something to the effect that, "it has begun, he now owns the Wii!" 

So like any good children we bought him Mario Cart.
 We have always loved playing games together, but until the wii came into our lives we have never (other than kids) played interactive video games. ha ha!! Never thought I would say that! But my brother does play Guitar band just as if he was on stage so...its totally natural!! ha ha!

Did I mention my sister Visited??

Yeah that was last weekend, and yeah its already one week later but still it was fun. They where in SF for their anniversary then stopped by on their way home. So it got me thinking, my sister and her husband, with each time they are together I think wow, they are really Sooo good for each other! It was brief but it was good, as they stopped by for lunch and chats. Who would have thought that my sister and I used to fight like we did, I venture to say that in the last years we have gotten along better than ever before. I am grateful for that!

Since the joke with the family is that they, always go to the same restaurants while visiting Santa Cruz, thus every time they come I try to bring them to a place where they have never been before. This is both challenging and fun to find a place that is new and yummy. Actually in SC its pretty easy. This time it was Cole's BBQ by Sunny Cove. More food than
you can handle, not flashy yet clean, and just fantastic when it comes to messy as in all over your face.

This restaurant was a crowd pleaser as we all left full and
happy. Probably too full!! ha ha Venessa's food came last,
poor thing. We waited...ok so we all ate some fries.

Did I mention that my sister has a new blog?? Well she does and Venessa found it by accident. So enjoy. Blogging is taking over the world no matter what Chafer says...its really lovely!

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