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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Final Moving days, Last Night...first night.

Its all really surreal.

Originally typed Friday Night
Today (as in the day we actually hand in our keys)
I will spend a few hours sleeping
(cuz its 2 am and i still have time wink)
then people will arrive to move
the final pieces
the big pieces
and then the daunting task of cleaning.

Ok so now its technically Sunday the 4th...

We are moved into the church Apt. as temp tenants. We should be here for 2 weeks to a month, as we eagerly await the finalisation on our new house. I was blessed by the Boy, the boy's best friend, my Parents, one of our new roommates, and a handful of other randoms that crossed our paths to aid us in some way in our move. Seriously everyone worked so hard I know I would still be moving today if not for the amazing help. To those who helped we are SOOOOO Grateful. To you I say thank you!! To those that helped in spirit thanks as well. wink.

Pictured below Pherf (the boy) in the midst of
the organizing/packing chaos. He was tired wink.

There where many things that where frustrating about "La Villa", but all in all our little Cabin in the woods was DELIGHTFUL. So many guest so many memories, so many times of depth, growth, & Life truly living out in hospitality in a christian community, where we loved well, and fought well. Even though there where times where I was done with guests and just needed a time to be alone in my house, I still would not trade a thing, and loved having people in our humble abode.

Now we wait for the paperwork to be finished on our new house with our new roommates on the west side of SC. Now we pull as little as possible out of boxes and bags so our next moving day is not so hard. Simple. Right is anything really that simple? That's my hope. Want to know our move in date...so do we...so don't ask trust me we will let you know when we know. : )

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