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Saturday, October 16, 2010

painting again.

Its been too long but I am painting again. Even if its just this one little specialized thing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

friends & twin Beds...

One of the crazy things about having a husband on night shift is sometimes you can have a sleep over with your friends, and most of the time you don't sleep, and most of the time you are alone with your thoughts at random moments in the night.

Normally a sleepover is filled with laughter, silly outbursts, chocolate, & popcorn. Though this sleep over was different. You see it seems we have all really grown up... as I sleep in a twin bed and across the way is a new changing table and basket of baby goodies awaiting a sweet baby boy's arrival in February. Things seem different but a good different.

Tonight...I made dinner for my sweet husband and we rushed out the door, him to his patrol car, and me to my friends home over the hill. By the time i arrived my tired pregnant friend was fast asleep, and I was greeted by her kind husband, shown my room and had a simple conversation about life, anniversaries (they just celebrated too), and his joy over their baby coming to this world. I said goodnight at 10 closed my door and climbed into my twin bed. TEN I have not fallen asleep at ten in years. so I stayed up on the net until now when I fingers found my blog.

Tomorrow I get to go to my friends classroom at 6:40 am shhesh but it will be so worth it to be in her world. Amongst her students, and watch her use her gift of teaching.

Tomorrow after my "big day at school" we will drive north to visit our friend that is sick. We can only be there for a few hours but it will be worth it sooo soo much.

As I lay here praying I will sleep soon... I ponder...

In the midst of my unemployment I have had free time on my hands. I really see this time as time to spend with my friends, family and anyone God places in our path. It has not been easy, but the rewards have been great. Why must we always be Martha trapped in the hustle and bussel of life? Why can we not just be Mary at Jesus' feet? I miss minstry dearly but in all honestly, I was becoming martha in my last months as a youth pastor. It is these moments as a wife alone in my thoughts, as a friend & wife sitting litening to people's hearts, I am beyond blessed. This my just be what God has for us right now, so we are living in just that. As hard as it is at times. We are where God wants us. I love it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

one year celebration!

Ohh for us on our weekend we had such a blast celebrating! Here are some snapshots of our adventure.

I woke to two dozen Roses...& Breakfast
Crapes ohh crapes...
Rocks and Fro yo and we got a "Local discount" even though we where on Va-cay... I suppose va-cay when you travel under a hour still means local. sweet!
Bat rays celebrating a first year too... with a bat ray kiss...
Moonrise cuddles...
Cruise ship adventures...
Scribbles in the sand...
Timing and Happiness for miles...
We snapped many scenic shots... this one was just past a beware don't cross line... sheesh breaking the law breaking the law. crazy husband.
Yeah we love each other & the Ocean!
Golfing from the pro's tee...
I love his smirk here :) oops maybe we are not suppose to be here thanks pebble for allowing us to be obvious wanderers!
FRUIT STAND! ohh i love Cali 10 avocado's for $1 yeah $1.00, pineapples for two.
Sunsets & a picnic... amongst the cliff
Laughter & joy throughout.
Yeah... we tried it... it tasted REALLY Bad. Result cake fight in the kitchen... glad we didn't do that at our wedding! Much Laughter & Pondering why in HEAVENS would anyone save their wedding cake for a year??? but only to have a good food fight with! Eat it on your one month anniversary of the nuptials!
So we raise our glasses and toast to another Good year. Focused on new adventures together! Here's to year TWO!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Honest & Amazingly Beautiful!

When I spoke to my husband about the words I had picked for the countdown to our 1 year
I told him these where the words that came to mind:
  • Steadfast
  • Joy
  • Service
  • Growth
  • Family
  • Honest
My Sweet husband said, "When I think about our year I think of the words, "AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!" come to mind." He may kill me if I mention anymore of his sweet words to me. Yet in short he is in total agreement with my word choice.

We honestly laugh about so much, and we honestly talk about every everything. An eye opening lifestyle can make feelings hurt, and in the same breath can open they eyes to your partners heart. For us the honesty, is honesty that is routed in love and care for the other person. There is where the strength rests.

More than anything our first year is covered in LOVE, love of life, love for God, love for each other. If I had a million days I could go on with more words that express how amazing our first year has been. We seek to, "love the Lord our God with all our hearts!" and in the midst of it we find so many blessings. May your marriage be just as blessed, even in the tough times, may you rest in Him the God who showed us what true love is, and honored us with the capacity to find love.

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