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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ride along

I almost forgot...

Tomorrow or that is Today the 30th... I am doing a ride a long with the boy. I am nervous but excited about seeing his world. 

Pray for us. And our safety. Shoot I always pray for his safety.

love you all!

I should sleep now

late night thoughts

what an amazing few days I have had...yet full of craziness. It is hard to think that so much has happened in so little time... not to mention the days ahead

Last day of work (before the holidays) 
Visit with Barrett & Marta by the fireplace
Late night opening of one present with the boy, i just love my ipod touch

Wake up & pack
Get picked up by the boy and head to his family's Christmas
Santa puzzle
Delivering Presents
Christmas meal of this amazing soup: all I can say is goodness in a bowl.
Story telling & laughter
Late night drive to Bako
Laughter & the open freeway & the boy and I

wake up to coffee with my mom to realise
the boy and the dad already gone to see the homies and get the masa
tamale making, & much laughter, much learning, and much making fun of my siblings for not
Christmas (eve (wink)) Dinner
Photo shoot
opening of presents
Wii playing
a truly lovely day

Tamales & eggs
hanging out with my familia
watching Across the universe
more tamales
dinner at tail gators with the McPherson's & Bernal's
Condor hockey game
late night at denny's
Late night watching too long of the series "whale wars" commercial seemed so much better...wasted hours of my life.

Tamales & Eggs
Visiting good friends & their baby boy & playing with blocks
Coffee with good friends
Cal Game in HD
Tahoe Joe's with family
pack...and drive back to SC

sleep off the tiredness
read a good book
Lunch with out of town friends
cleaning & packing some before more sleep

Packing and organizing
driving to the boys for some coffee & bowl of cheerios before his work
Laughing at home with my best friend, in our home of two years
Friends arrive...
we travel to our mentors home
we reunite with more old friends at her house
we travel to Woodstock's pizza and spend 4 hours by the fire as if it where our home
rice crispy treats & hot coco: I'm going to miss our little red cabin in the woods

all this while watching Muppet Christmas: letters to Santa : ) the small lines above do not do justice to the joy I have had in the last few days.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Recap. Part one

It has been far too long since I have typed anything here on my blog. It just seems that I have been rushing between one thing to another. I cannot believe that my last post was November 1st! wow. I have to say I am unsure where even to begin. Maybe I should start with my dash board of post it notes as a time line of events I have yet to blog about. As I look at the list I am aware that there is no way I will actually be able to write about all of them, I suppose yes if I was on my game about typing as they came well I would not be writing this but such is life. Bear with my my friends. 

  1. New Office: yes finally I have my OWN new office! Granted It did not come with a door, as we where still eagerly awaiting the insurance money from the burglary. I have to say the first days in my office felt surreal, I sat and pondered those that served at High Street and honestly felt very unworthy, though knowing my place was secure and even supported by those who once served there.
  2. NEW BABIES: The day of my last post the boy's sister brought a lovely baby girl into the world. We went to the hospital and visited and held the sweet "Baby G". A few days later we drove to visit the boys friend and there new baby girl. All so beautiful and both Baby G & Baby J had Sooo much hair, its the Mexican in them :) 
  3. Bernal Family Reunion: Oh my where does one begin to talk about the chaos, depth, laughter, deep family ties, casino, wheel of fortune, mini golf tourney, karaoke, Don't forget the lyrics family style, so much good food, new family, dancing, & deeper connections with Aunts, uncles, cousins whether they are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or shoot even a 4th Generation relative is that possible?! Overall an amazing time Full of true heritage.
  4. MY COFFEE POT DIED: really I have nothing to say here. Only that this could be the reason I have not been able to write and that reason that my coffee allowance has gone up in my frequented coffee shops. I'm just saying... I love my french press but really it takes too much effort.
  5. Pherf's Birthday and Party: I was sad that I actually was in Arizona while his birthday happened and well I love birthdays, even though I never remember what days they are on. I love them still. So when I returned we had a little celebration : ) I also left the boy with envelopes for each day I was gone sending birthday wishes.
This ends my Part one of my update on life here in Santa Cruz. I promise I will be better at this.

So why am I stopping in the middle of this Blog update, because tonight we will celebrate "YEAH the BOY is OFFICIALLY a DEPUTY SHERIFF!!" He has been now for 3 weeks but as noted in the first paragraph I have been a little behind on the updates : ) Tri tip burritos for all, along with some Rock Band I am sure!! Until Update # 2

Love ya.

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