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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Familia and more Family!

Sometimes when you fall in love you, one person has a large family and the other has a small family. For us we came with two Large families... Not only are these families large, but we are families that love to be together. In our first year together we have logged countless number of hours with our crazy, fantastic, loving, kind, and such a rich history tangled together. We don't often get everyone together through out this year but we did grab a few photos at the wedding and actually not everyone was able to make it to our wedding, due to life and what nots... but here is a small picture of our busy family life...

Below is the Left the Koenig (Pherf's Dad's side) &
on the Right the Gudnason Family (Pherf's mom's side)
The Bernal side (my dad's family)
The Solis Side (my Mom's family)
I gained 17 new Aunts and Uncles, four new grandparents, when We said I do last year and Pherf gained, shoot... where to begin our count us crazy Mexicans... we needed two pictures to cover the folks that made it to our wedding.

Family has been a big part of our first year of marriage and family has always and will always play a big part in who we are.

Yet our little branch was established on year ago. and it is blossoming quite nicely.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I Know I Know, where have I been??? Who starts a quest and then leaves you hanging. Sorry about that, it was no intention of mine to leave such a cliff hanger :) especially with all my million readers out there. :) details.

We had to venture out of Town for a few days and we didn't take our Computer, and we acted like tourist. And it was amazing. I think heading away even for a night from time to time is a wonderful way of getting away from the norm. Our time away though brief & was soo wonderful!

These are Days 5 & 4 in our Countdown. I combined them because they really go hand in hand. Not to mention my absence. details.


You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. ~Author Unknown

The biggest things society tell us is "its all about you". The biggest things scripture tells us is to (Matthew 22: 37-39) " 1st love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind... and the 2nd is to "Love your Neighbor as yourself". It is the way my husband loves God, and loves others with out a doubt is one of the first things that I fell in love with him. For us marriage has been about living that our daily.

My husband in his sweet humility often hides from me and the camera as I try to capture him
working around our home.
We enjoy a mutual serving of each other, from bring one blackberries in the morning, to picking up someones dry cleaning, to listening to music that ones loves... and the other doesn't. Its the simple things that keep us serving each other.

When you serve together your heart grows fonder together, because you both deeply love what you are committed to. The first part of our relationship Pherf and I met while i worked at high street. We both have grown so much in those years since.

This year we served together at high street until June. To the very end of our time there we loved and loved well. Serving together as a married couple was beyond what I expected.

1 Peter 4:10

"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms."

If you know us you know we both have very different gifting, but we have one gift that is the same, we love people and love to serve them when we can. Our prayer is that this will only grow stronger with each new day.

The best is we have indeed grown by far. Walking through difficult situations, our Friendship is deeper in just 365 days.

When you live with a person you have the opportunity to KNOW them. The Koenig's KNOW much more of who God created us to be. We have seen when each of us are at their breaking point, and we smile at it now... not the smile of annoyance but the smile that says i understand. It is there...we see the Growth of our marriage when we know we need to leave, and when we need to be silent and when we need to just embrace the other. Growth happens in many ways.

We had the sweet opportunity to counsel my sweet cousin Gina and Patrick. We loved talking about marriage with them, we loved talking about life, finances, and challenges that would be ahead. I preformed my first wedding for my baby cousin, it was such a joy, and could not have done it with out my sweet husband.

As the cheesy but true analogy, goes we have planted seeds in rich soil... and our lives are growing deep roots in our love with GROWTH, SERVANT HOOD, JOY, & STEADFASTNESS!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ode To Joy: sums up our year... minus the smoke :)

One Year... Second word

Five days in the Count down until our 1 Year Anniversary!

Today's word is Joy. Joy is in abundance at our home.

BEFORE you continue reading I suggest you watch this Video by this link. I wanted to post the video right in this blog but I am not that cool, so Either click the link above or just push play on the post above. DO IT! please. We have already watched it a bunch! ha ha ha ha! Oh why is is so funny ha ha.

Back to our Post...

I cannot tell you how many times we are laughing in our home. What is a home without laughter? What is a home without dancing in the kitchen? What is a home without blaming a toot on the dog? What is a home without Doodling Pirate treasure maps with the niece... then wandering around the house to find meee treasure? What is a home without quoting ones favorite movies randomly? What is a home with just a seconds glance can erupt you in laughter... our home. Our home is full of all these things and more. I cannot picture it as anything but that, my words cannot do justice to our joy.

JOY "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I believe that true joy comes from only one place. God grants us Joy beyond what we can fathom. He grants us Joy in the little things.

So in our first year we have taken advantage of random events, and random moments all that have brought great joy. We have chosen to save but also to enjoy events like Giants & Sharks & even went to Cal Games, driving up & down the state, & driving across a few more states just because you can. Oh the conversations on road trips and sitting in the stands, many of you might believe my sweet husband is quiet but he is a man of many wonderful words that enrich me daily. So to all those getting married every first year does not have to be traumatic, even if life sends you down a funky path. Laugh & Smile and enjoy what God places before you.
Our first year has been JOYOUS and STEADFAST.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

one year...one word

I cannot believe that in 6 days it will be our

It has actually been surprising as to how many people have been remembering that our first year of marriage is close. I brightens my day to
hear the sweet words from people, and their well wishes & prayers for us. A few weeks ago a former, students volunteer, and really a friend of ours asked me If I could sum up our first year with one word. What would it be? Such a good rich question!! (above: honeymoon photo somewhere in the Caribbean)

This Question motivated me... and So every day until then i will give one word. I have not thought them all through yet but as I pondered the question many words came to my mind. Here is the first. (Below: Sharks Game right after the Olympics)
a : firmly fixed in place : immovable
b : not subject to change
2. : firm in belief, determination, or adherence : loyal
For the most part people while we where engaged, and the first months of our marriage would say, "BEWARE of the FIRST YEAR!!" We often talked about it and thought wow it must really be hard. My mind was drenched with these crazy ideas of what horrible things could and would happen to us. I began praying for life and a hedge of protection over our new family.
As the days and months have passed in our first year, I have to say that we have been BEYOND blessed in our marriage!
Our Love, Support, Laughter, & has not changed, it has indeed been a year of "STEADFASTNESS".
It has not been a year without challenge from me loosing my job, loosing my gallbladder, (RIGHT: drawing of where and what my Gallbladder does, Its apparently a non-vital organ? So we took it out.)
and a host of silly things surrounding that. In the midst of that craziness my sweet husband and my relationship has not wavered. It honestly gives me chills right now to think about how God's love has truly showed His Steadfastness to our life and our marriage. More than anything we are stronger. More than anything the steadfast Love I have felt and given, has created an amazing foundation for our family.
Love the Koenig's

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Take Your Knife & Confront your Ducks" Julia Child

A few weeks ago I wandered through the redwoods and into my dear friends play room. With squealing children, laughter, blocks, & trains... We pondered, we cried, we sought what might God have, What might be next. It is these times in my life that i understand our dear deep relational God when I catch a glimpse from, my dear friends who never cease to amaze me, the ways they always point me to the truth, and always pointing out the truth in what I am saying. It is these people that constantly do this in my life that I know I am blessed beyond understanding, by rich (in character), family, friends, and amazing husband.

A few weeks ago I blogged about "what do housewife's do?" in response to many that seemed troubled by it, I still hold to what I wrote. I have had more time to walk through it all I know these things are true:
  • I know there is cleaning to do, but that is not me (don't worry I am still cleaning), its not what defines me. cleaning and organizing is more of the given. cuz I did that when i worked a 50 to 70 hour work week too.
  • I LOVE my Husband and I love being his wife more than I can express, and my last blog was more about the times I am not with my sweet husband.
  • Really its about a redefining of who I am in a good way. Loosing my job at high street and transitioning for this stage as a stay at home wife has left me with many great questions on...
  • Where is God taking me?
  • Where is God taking my husband and I?
  • What will God have for us as a family?
  • What is it that I really like to do?
In that playroom a few weeks ago my friend reminded me of that silly movie Julia & Julia. More than that she shed light on a conversations that Julia Child has with her husband Paul.

tonight I watched that movie again. and I believe that Julia & I have that same spirit about us.

in a cafe in Paris...

Julia: sigh... What Should I do??
Paul: About what?
Julia: I don't REALLY want to go back into government work. Shouldn't I find SOMETHING to do? Wives... They don't do anything here. That's not me, Its JUST NOT ME.
Paul: I know.
Julia: I saw a notice on the bulletin board at the embassy, Hat making Lessons.
Paul: You Like hats.
Julia: I do... I DO.
Paul: (with deep care in his voice) What is it you REALLY Like to do?
Julia: EAT!!! (much Laughter and smiles)

I feel like the world is telling me that I Should do this or that. Yet one of the most beautiful things about this pivotal part for Julia, is that this launches her on this quest to find what is Good, she does not listen to the things that should get her down, or the people that question why she would even need to embark on these different activities. She presses forward trying one things after another, until she finds her passion, and what brings her life. I see that God call's us to just that!

1 Thessalonians 1:3
We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

So my new quest is not to begin making a cook book... although that has crossed my mind. But the Quest is to simply to be prompted by LOVE & HOPE... to venture forward to see what Cool things are out there for the Koenig's. This is something I think we have been doing... but in my funk, I think I forgot that. So I will try new things these days and it may be a while before I "KNOW" what is next for a career, for a hobby, and just what my free moments as a wife will hold. Only God knows what these "Free Moments" carry. Its those moments that I am walking boldly into. Feel free to suggest ideas and don't be offended if I don't do them... :)

Ideas already on my mind most which will never come to be but seem cool... Things like:

Become a coffee Roaster, open an etsy sight, Paint again, Cake decorating Class, Learn how to use a fancy Camera, decorate and organize the solarium to our office and studio (that could take some money but mostly time... good news I have that). Write something besides a blog.

Live Life

walking boldly as though nothing can
hold you