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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Familia and more Family!

Sometimes when you fall in love you, one person has a large family and the other has a small family. For us we came with two Large families... Not only are these families large, but we are families that love to be together. In our first year together we have logged countless number of hours with our crazy, fantastic, loving, kind, and such a rich history tangled together. We don't often get everyone together through out this year but we did grab a few photos at the wedding and actually not everyone was able to make it to our wedding, due to life and what nots... but here is a small picture of our busy family life...

Below is the Left the Koenig (Pherf's Dad's side) &
on the Right the Gudnason Family (Pherf's mom's side)
The Bernal side (my dad's family)
The Solis Side (my Mom's family)
I gained 17 new Aunts and Uncles, four new grandparents, when We said I do last year and Pherf gained, shoot... where to begin our count us crazy Mexicans... we needed two pictures to cover the folks that made it to our wedding.

Family has been a big part of our first year of marriage and family has always and will always play a big part in who we are.

Yet our little branch was established on year ago. and it is blossoming quite nicely.

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