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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rain thunder and dark skies

So on Thursday it started to rain...

So Yesterday it continued to raining. For the most part it has not stopped. 

I know last was Halloween,  but the rain made me happy last night because it meant that all the crazies where NOT out causing trouble for the boy in his patrol car. Although The Boys feeling was different on that, even though he wanted rain because he knows how crazy things get around here and the holidays, I don't think he expected last night: 

Me: "so How did last night go?" the Boy "Man Last night was Boring, we couldn't even find anyone doing anything wrong" ha ha ha! I may have been too happy about this. 
So Today being Saturday its still raining here!
So I ponder does this really mean I have to start wearing shoes???

So, yesterday I wore flip flops and slip on's  I think in protest of winter coming. 

So today maybe I will where shoes. Ehhh I'm going to a movie theater... Who Needs REAL SHOES???

Truly, I love the rain. Here in Santa Cruz I think it rains just enough for you to love it and not hate it. 

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