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Friday, February 22, 2008

Mom & Boys II Men

Tonight on Fox

Don't Forget the Lyrics

The show my brother works on as: Dave "Trigger" Bernal

the Episode Highlighted some amazing has been artists

Poison, and Boys II Men.

My mom and cousin where at the taping, with my favorite Boy Band growing up. 

Nate of Boys II Men Danced with my Mom on TV!!!!!

when they tapping happened I did not talk to my mother for a week. ha ha... seriously I didn't. 

Stinking Snow Trip! I should have been at that taping and check off a box on my Things to do in my lifetime. 

  Meet Boys II Men

Well alas My mom beat me to it : (  wink! I'm off to listen to there old album!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Off to Mexico and a Glimpse into my last week

This is Glimpse of a day in my office.

Drinking my tea, and reading an email...while chaos goes on behind me. Moments before this picture was taken, there was screaming and running up and down the hall of our office, I sat and kept reading, not fazed. 
And No that student doesn't need the wheel chair...
And Yes I am actually working. 
And Yes as crazy as times are I am still smiling!

This weekend Mexico Pre Trip.
8 Seniors
2 Adults
4 1/2 days
1,162 ish miles Driving

I'm tired but I am excited. Lots to do I should be finishing Packing as I am writing this.
Pray for us. 

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Time in the Lodge!

EDGE Snow Trip 08

Last Night I had a fantastic time with my Jr High girls as they prank called people from my phone, ate cookie dough and hung out in our room. 

Jr Highers wander in the snow...
We sit in the lodge. 

wanted to get some research done, but with only 1 hour left on my laptop and the plugs are not working on the entire wall, I'm not sure how much one will get done. It just seems Ironic you know! 

Good news is the kids are happy on the mountain and its actually quite quiet. 

Also I just found out that NOw available is Amy Grant's Music remastered!! Wow what am I doing here!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

new phone

new phone

means re adding your numbers.

I love technology!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Shopping Cart

Today was an interesting day. And then I went to Costco...

I was on my way back to my car and ahead of me a little old man (in his 70's at least) pushed his shopping car, his friends or family already at the car. Then with out notice I watched him pick up speed, then he did something I never would have guessed, he jumped on his shopping car and proceeded to ride it toward his car. Ohh his friends joy, my joy, and his joy was amazing! We all cheered him on, I smiled waved, and said wow that just made my day!

This is something I have always done and love it! Months ago after I did, a student laugh and said she had never really seen an adult do that.  I can't help the child like spirit that is with in, and frankly I am not sure that I ever want to let it go. Sure there are moments where you have to be and act like an adult. But the truth is the moment you stop jumping on a shopping cart, is the moment I am not sure that I ever want to see. 

If you have Child like faith then you believe and watch God do the impossible.
  My Friends at Home Word, have this article that I just love this statements

"When I think of childhood at its best, I think of...
  1. Innocence
  2. Free-spiritedness
  3. Happiness
  4. Excitement
  5. Hopeful anticipation
Maybe that's why Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 19:14 to let the children come to Him because, as He said, "the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

I suppose I am just inspired to pause and look at my life, do I have faith like a child right now? Truthfully I think I need a little more 5 to balance my 2, and there when I am there I believe I will find true 3 & 4! 

Monday, February 4, 2008

My phone has Flat LINED.

Alas as time goes...So does my phone.

It has been dead for exactly 24 Hours and well I am not sure that I feel good about that.

Funny how a little electronic device truly rules my world. Especially when I have no home phone, and the majority of my life is communicating with People on my phone. 

The other HORRIBLE part is I have many Phone Numbers in that little phone, all of which are now missing. Locked away in the frozen dead phone... unless the verizon man can work miracles.

So what I need from my friends.

  • Email me Phone Numbers, yours and any that You would think I would need or already have
  • Call me and Leave your Number on my Voice Mail. 
  • If I don't Txt you back. Its Cuz i still Don't have my new phone yet. 
Alas...hope to hear from you soon!

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