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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

one year celebration!

Ohh for us on our weekend we had such a blast celebrating! Here are some snapshots of our adventure.

I woke to two dozen Roses...& Breakfast
Crapes ohh crapes...
Rocks and Fro yo and we got a "Local discount" even though we where on Va-cay... I suppose va-cay when you travel under a hour still means local. sweet!
Bat rays celebrating a first year too... with a bat ray kiss...
Moonrise cuddles...
Cruise ship adventures...
Scribbles in the sand...
Timing and Happiness for miles...
We snapped many scenic shots... this one was just past a beware don't cross line... sheesh breaking the law breaking the law. crazy husband.
Yeah we love each other & the Ocean!
Golfing from the pro's tee...
I love his smirk here :) oops maybe we are not suppose to be here thanks pebble for allowing us to be obvious wanderers!
FRUIT STAND! ohh i love Cali 10 avocado's for $1 yeah $1.00, pineapples for two.
Sunsets & a picnic... amongst the cliff
Laughter & joy throughout.
Yeah... we tried it... it tasted REALLY Bad. Result cake fight in the kitchen... glad we didn't do that at our wedding! Much Laughter & Pondering why in HEAVENS would anyone save their wedding cake for a year??? but only to have a good food fight with! Eat it on your one month anniversary of the nuptials!
So we raise our glasses and toast to another Good year. Focused on new adventures together! Here's to year TWO!

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